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Nina is the inaugural Director of Take It Seriously and is based in Melbourne.

She was previously elected to represent the South Eastern Metropolitan Region in the Parliament of Victoria, the first Greens Member in history to hold that seat. 

During her time in the Legislative Council she served as the Deputy Leader of her party.

She was also Spokesperson for Families and Children, Women, and Prevention of Family Violence.

Prior to her work in politics she worked as a consultant in the community and education sectors.

Executive Member

Ash is an Executive Member of Take It Seriously and is based in Canberra.
She has lead projects and committees at the United Nations and has also co-founded a nonprofit working to prevent violence against young women.

For this she was named ACT Woman of the Year in 2018 and included as one of Forbes 30 Under 30.

Her work now focuses on promoting female-led campaigns and organisations through herinfinite as well as embarking on a public service career.

Executive Member

Ivy is an Executive Member of Take It Seriously and is based in Perth and Fremantle.

She has a wealth of experience from decades in Board governance, specialising in overseeing transactional documents for new company floats, mergers, takeovers, and schemes of arrangements. 

She is now Director of Multicultural Futures, a nonprofit 

helping migrants build meaningful lives in Australia. 

Prior to this she was a National Advisor at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Executive Member

Tash is an Executive Member of Take It Seriously and is based in Melbourne.

She was previously the fundraising manager at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre where she directed their first fundraising appeal to raise over $1 million.

Tash is passionate about using campaigning to create community-led movements, and amplifying the voices of people with lived experience.

She now works with Fair Agenda as a senior campaigner advocating on gender-based issues across Australia.

Executive Member

Matt is an Executive Member of Take It Seriously and is based in Brisbane.

He brings exceptional experience from a variety of nonprofits and community organisations including GetUp, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, 350.org Australia, Pew Charitable Trusts, Tara Fiji, and Future Directions International.

Consciously, he campaigns as a male and an ally, which brings a critical accessibility to our work.

We were proud to bring his voice to our Board as the only male-identifying candidate who stepped up to this leadership role, which is a dynamic we disclose in the spirit of transparency about the realities of campaigning in this space.


Our Team

Spokesperson & Campaigner

Jess is the Founder of Take It Seriously and is based in Adelaide and Melbourne.

She has experienced severe intimate partner abuse, which she draws on to be Spokesperson for the organisation.

Jess is a public policy thinker and gender equality campaigner with more than thirteen years of experience working with politicians and civil society organisations.​

She advised Labor on industrial relations and the Greens on climate change, but is no longer party-affiliated.


Tegan is a Campaigner at Take It Seriously and is based in Adelaide.

Her work over the past decade has been in event 

management and festival programming.

She specialises in curating space for community and the arts.

She has supported friends through family violence and has experienced intimate partner abuse herself, so she is extremely passionate about volunteering to achieve change.

We are the first & only organisation in Australia to solely represent victims/survivors of all non-physical abuse, namely Abusive Control. 
('Coercive Control' / 'Domestic Abuse')
We are registering at the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission as an Unincorporated Association.
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