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Victim Outrage At Free Housing For Perpetrators

Take It Seriously have condemned a pilot program announced by the South Australian Government to provide free housing to violent and abusive perpetrators.

Over the weekend, Human Services Minister Michelle Lensink announced a pilot program that funds beds for family violence perpetrators deemed too unsafe to return home.

"Providing free housing for perpetrators of violence and abuse is an affront to victims everywhere," says family violence survivor Jess Nitschke.

"Obviously perpetrators should be ejected from the family home instead of victims, but they should then be placed in jail where they belong.”

“The last thing abusers deserve is free accommodation with taxpayers footing the bill."

The program is part of the Committed to Safety Framework recently released by the State Government, which failed to include any legislative changes to penalise perpetrators of nonviolent abuse and nonfamilial abuse.

If we want to end family violence we need lawmakers to do their jobs properly by adequately punishing and deterring perpetrators. Read our Media Release here.

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