Get onboard! Literally!

Our little nonprofit is recruiting Board members to help guide us through our first year of life.


This is a low commitment role that can be done from anywhere in Australia.


The time involved is five meetings per year at approximately two hours each with some occasional tasks and research.


You will offer mentoring, advice, and decision-making. 

Most importantly, you will bring accountability and transparency to our work.


Do not let a lack of experience put you off!


Training is available for those looking to develop leadership skills as long as you are excited about our cause.

Apply via email at:


Just tell us about why you'd be great for this role and what ideas you can bring to the table.


We will make our decision on or before 12th April 2019.

Priority will be given to applicants who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, from a migrant background, living with disability, on a low income, queer, LGBTQI, trans, or of a non-binary gender.

Please also feel free to email through any questions you may have before applying.

We are the first & only organisation in Australia to solely represent victims/survivors of all non-physical abuse, namely Abusive Control. 
('Coercive Control' / 'Domestic Abuse')
We are registering at the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission as an Unincorporated Association.
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