Parliamentary Inquiry


Politicians have never asked us to talk about “coercive control..." Until now!

An Inquiry in Federal Parliament will look into gendered violence, covering twelve issue areas. Among these, non-physical forms of abuse finally have their own category.


This is our chance to tell MPs all of the forms abuse can take - emotional, social, financial, technological, psychological, religious, legal.​​


Take It Seriously is organising a Submission for victims/survivors and we need you.


Can you share your story with the Inquiry?

Politicians named coercive control and abuse as problems, they just need to hear from the people who have lived it to understand.

If you add your story to our Submission, it may go on the public Inquiry website, after all identifying details are removed first.

But you can indicate if your story is not for public access, or you can be Anonymous.

Help make our voices as loud as possible!

The Deadline is midnight on 20 July 2020. 

It only takes a few minutes to share with us.

We need to tell Parliament family violence is not always family and not always violence.

They need to know that physical wounds heal, but some mental wounds never do.

Once MPs see the extent of abuse and coercive control, the next step is new systems that protect victims/survivors!

Add Your Story To Our Submission

Parliamentary Inquiry into Domestic, Family, & Sexual Violence

Advocates, Can You Help Us Do More?
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We are the first & only organisation in Australia to solely represent victims/survivors of all non-physical abuse, namely Abusive Control. 
('Coercive Control' / 'Domestic Abuse')
We are registering at the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission as an Unincorporated Association.
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