We will constantly fight for more and better services, but in the meantime, these are links you can follow.

In an emergency call Triple Zero (000).

For advice, counselling, and referrals that are not life threatening, 1800-RESPECT are an Australia-wide sexual assault and family violence helpline.

You can call 1800-RESPECT (1800 737 732) at any time, they are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.

You will be referred to state-based services that provide varying levels of support which may or may not include:

  • Legal Advice

  • Court Support

  • Accommodation

  • Loans/Finance

  • Counselling

Do not be afraid to ask for what you need. You will not always be offered everything that is available. Think  about what you need to stay safe, make a list, and be pushy when asking about who can help.

Do not have high expectations of the support that you will receive. Responding to family violence is still a new trend in Australia and we absolutely do not have this well managed just yet. It is not an indicator of anything about your situation not being serious enough. There just really is very little available.

Do not expect much help with the costs of family violence. This area is incredibly underfunded, please do not take it as any reflection on the seriousness of your situation, or any sign that you do not need or deserve help. If you are reading this, you do! The other thing about financial help is it is broken into parts: grants, crisis payments, allowances, reimbursements, withdrawal of fines, vouchers, and more.

Do not assume services can email or text you. Always have a pen and paper ready for each time you're having a conversation about making plans. One dedicated notebook can be the way to go, or using  the Notes folder on your phone, under a name like "Recipes."

Do not rely on anyone to be a legal expert - except lawyers. No one will give you legal advice except someone going with you to court. Everyone else will only offer general advice, it is not always accurate, plus they get cranky when you ask because they know the risks. Save your questions for the Womens Legal Service staff who will be there on the day.

Here are some state-based referral points in the case you do not access 1800-RESPECT.

Victoria: Safe Steps Family Violence Service

South Australia: Womens Safety Services SA

Tasmania: Family Violence Counselling & Support

Queensland: Domestic Violence Action Centre

Australian Capital Territory: Domestic Violence Crisis

New South Wales: Domestic Violence NSW

Northern Territory: Directory of Shelters & Services