We are the first and only organisation in Australia dedicated to representing victims and survivors of nonviolent abuse. 

Our membership is made up of people who have lived experience of nonviolent abuse.


As victims and survivors, we are failed by the criminal justice system, social services, healthcare agencies, the media, and broader public discourse on gendered violence.


So we formed to advocate for reforms that would do a better job of preventing nonviolent abuse as well as reforms that would make it easier for us to get help and get justice.  

Given the gendered nature of violence in Australia, our priority is representing female, femme, non-binary, trans, intersex, genderqueer, and agender folks.

In particular, our expertise is in speaking as younger victims and survivors of nonviolent abuse who could not access help because we did not identify with the concept of “family violence.”

It’s time to re-brand family violence for a new generation with reforms that can identify nonviolent abuse and stop it before it turns violent.

While great strides are being made to recognise and deal with our societal epidemic, nonviolent abuse is still overlooked or ignored. 

It’s time for the voices of nonviolent abuse victims and survivors to be heard and taken just as seriously as the experiences of those who have experienced physical and sexual violence. 

As an organisation we are non-profit, grassroots, feminist, sex-positive, disability-focused, and trans-inclusive. 

We are in the process of talking to communities that we don’t have active representatives from to centre the experiences of all victims and survivors. 

We are formally registered as an Unincorporated Association with the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission.

We are the first & only organisation in Australia to solely represent victims/survivors of all non-physical abuse, namely Abusive Control. 
('Coercive Control' / 'Domestic Abuse')
We are registering at the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission as an Unincorporated Association.
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