The advocacy group for anyone who has experienced "family violence" that was not family and was not violence.
We campaign against nonviolent forms of abuse like coercive control.

In Australia, family/domestic violence has historically referred to the physical violence that is inflicted disproportionately by men within a relationship. 

But non-physical abuse (psychological, emotional, legal, financial, religious, cultural, social, or technological) is more common and leaves trauma that lasts a lifetime.

When this hidden abuse slowly increases in severity over time, it is known as coercive control.


Men do this to get power or dominance in relationships.


As victims/survivors, we cannot suffer in silence anymore. Our community needs to abolish the systems that are unable to deal with the spectrum of abuse. We need to build new systems from the ground up.


The gap between services that exist now and attitudinal change which may occur over time is huge. 


We can't accept deaths and injuries that will happen as we wait for norms to shift over generations. 

It is time non-physical forms of abuse are taken as seriously as violent forms, especially coercive control. 

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"It was like I was trapped in a room with the walls closing in. There were more and more rules, and I made more and more mistakes. He was always so angry." 


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We are the first & only organisation in Australia to solely represent victims & survivors of gendered violence in all its non-physical forms like nonviolent abuse & coercive control.
We are registering at the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission as an Unincorporated Association.
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