To stop family violence we need to take all its forms seriously.
We need to start dealing with nonviolent abuse.

 We are the first and only organisation in Australia solely representing victims and survivors of nonviolent abuse.

Half of Australians believe nonviolent abuse is just as serious as violence.

Psychological, emotional, financial, religious, social, and technological abuse destroys lives.


These forms of "family violence" that aren't familial and aren't violent are overlooked in existing systems.

We want to change criminal justice systems, social services, and healthcare models to take nonviolent abuse as seriously as violent abuse.


Victims and survivors should not be burdened with the intervention and prevention of nonviolent abuse. This is what happens under the current Intervention Order system where many of us are left to suffer alone.


We must address the gap between crisis response services that work in the short term and attitudinal changes that work over the long term.

We cannot accept deaths and injuries that occur as we wait for cultural norms to shift over generations. 

It's time to take nonviolent abuse as seriously as violence in family and intimate relationships.


For victims and survivors, help is inaccessible and ineffective, so we aren't getting justice.

Let's modernise "family violence" systems to protect new generations.


"It was like I was trapped in a room with the walls closing in. There were more and more rules, and I made more and more mistakes. He was always so angry." 

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We are the first organisation in Australia to solely advocate for victims & survivors of nonviolent abuse.
We are registered with the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission.
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