Abusive Control Victim/Survivor Advocacy Group

In Australia, "Family Violence" has usually referred to physical violence occurring within a relationship. 

But we now know that non-physical acts of Abusive Control, like social, psychological, emotional, legal, financial, religious, or technological abuse, are far more common.

Abusive Control is when acts continue or worsen over time, creating a dynamic of dominance, sometimes also referred to as Coercive Control.

In Australia, we know men commit 95% of reported violence.

In relationships, it is also primarily men using abuse so they can gain power, to have total control.

This comes from gender inequality in Australia.

So far, underfunded systems and services leave the rest to hoping cultural change happens over time.

We have not stopped our epidemic of violence and abuse. 

It's not enough. It's failed. It's time for better ideas.


We need to rebuild our systems and start again. 

To sign up you must be at least thirteen years of age and/or have parental consent.

It is time non-physical forms of abuse are taken as seriously as violent forms, especially coercive control. 

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"It was like I was trapped in a room with the walls closing in. There were more and more rules, and I made more and more mistakes. He was always so angry." 


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